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Michael P. McGuire

An Attorney With Insight Into DUI Law Procedures

Due to the necessity of probable cause and the weight of field sobriety tests, drunk driving charges are especially dependent on the arresting officer. While the outcome may rest on blood or breath tests, officer testimony and procedure are the foundation of everything.

As a former New York City police officer, attorney Michael P. McGuire has immense insight into police actions and methods. That insight, along with his detailed knowledge of the law, allows him to act quickly to combat drunk driving charges on your behalf.

DUI Lawyers that are There For You From Traffic Stop To Acquittal

Anyone would feel intimidated facing a DUI charge because it involves more than just the initial arrest. The court dates, legal consequences and social stigma of a DUI are all potentially devastating. But at Law Offices Of Michael P. McGuire LLC, we will:

  • Answer your call immediately
  • Respond to each question you have
  • Listen to your side of things
  • Review and contest the evidence against you
  • Fight for your rights

It is attorney McGuire’s top priority to ensure that the charges you face do not devastate the life you intend to live.

The Problem With Drugged Driving Charges

More and more frequently, people face charges of drugged driving in New Jersey. This can relate to the use of marijuana or prescription drugs or it can mean other controlled substances. These charges can be misleading.

Often, most controlled substances – including prescribed medications – have not had the rigorous scientific testing to determine a threshold for “impairment.” Without a standard for impairment, courts rely on police testimony.

However, your future should not rest on the testimony of one person. You have rights to freedom and due process, and attorney McGuire takes every available step to protect you.

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