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Defending Your Future Against Sex Crime Accusations

The mere allegation of a sex crime can jeopardize your entire future. A conviction can seal your fate for decades to come. If someone has accused you of a sex crime, the sooner you reach out to a skilled criminal defense lawyer, the better your chances of protecting your future.

At the Law Offices Of Michael P. McGuire LLC, we will respond to your charges immediately. Our skilled criminal defense team will start building a strategic and serious defense on your behalf. We know how unforgiving the New Jersey justice system can be and we will stand by you throughout your case. Our lead criminal defense attorney, Michael McGuire, is a former police officer who understands how these cases are investigated and brought to court, which gives him special insights into creating a solid defense.

The Charges We Defend

We defend clients against a broad range of criminal charges, including sex offenses. These charges include, but are not limited to:

  • Sexual assault (rape)
  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Statutory rape
  • Child pornography
  • Child molestation
  • Criminal sexual contact

New Jersey law separates felonies by degrees, first-degree being the most serious. Sex offenses like lewdness may only be a fourth-degree charge or even a disorderly person offense. Aggravated sexual assault, on the other hand, is often charged as a first-degree offense. We will explain your charges to you and help you understand the possible consequences you face.

Your Pretrial Advocate

After your arrest, you could spend quite a bit of time in pretrial detention. Your pretrial detention hearing is a critical opportunity to argue your case for pretrial release or home detention. You need a strong legal advocate when you get to this step. We recommend you contact us right away to represent you at your hearing and start working on your defense. We can also fight for you during your probable cause hearing to try to reduce or dismiss your charges.

Understanding The Consequences Of Conviction

In New Jersey, many sex crime cases go through Superior Court, which hears felonies and other serious criminal charges. A conviction at this level will likely leave you with prison time and a felony record. You could even end up with 20 years in prison or parole supervision for life.

Many sex crime convictions require registering as a sexual offender on the New Jersey Sex Offender Registry under Megan’s Law. The registry includes your personal information such as your address and the crime for which you are convicted. Depending on the severity of your conviction, your information may only go to local law enforcement, surrounding schools and organizations or, in the worst cases, your information is made public. You could be on the list for 15 years or more.

Get Started Today

The sooner you call our office, the sooner we can start building your defense and the better chances you have to minimize the damages caused by these allegations. To discuss your case, please call our Freehold office at 732-704-7331 or reach out online.