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Michael P. McGuire

Superior Defense For Superior Court Charges

When facing serious criminal charges, you can’t afford to “wait and see,” and you can’t put your faith in just any lawyer. You need aggressive representation by a skilled criminal defense attorney.

We understand what is at stake if you are charged with crimes in New Jersey Superior Court. Michael McGuire is a former police officer who uses those insights to strongly assert your rights and forcefully defend your freedom. He will make every effort to spare you from the criminal penalties and future consequences.

The First 48 Hours Are Critical
Call Law Offices Of Michael P. McGuire LLC, immediately at 732-704-7331 if you or a family member has been arrested. Our early involvement can make a true difference in the charges that are filed and the ultimate result of your case.

Experience Matters In Superior Court

It is crucial to have the right defense lawyer when answering charges in Superior Court. Mr. McGuire served seven years as a New York City police officer. He knows how investigations work. He knows how arrests go down. He knows that some officers cut corners or abuse the civil rights and constitutional protections of the accused. That law enforcement background helps to analyze the prosecution’s evidence and hold the government accountable.

Mr. McGuire also worked for a judge who governed major cases in the Ocean County Superior Court Criminal Division. He was part of a team that helped research and draft the court’s decisions. From that experience, he can anticipate how the courts will rule on key motions and prepare the strongest defense strategy for his clients, whether their cases are resolved in negotiations or at trial.

Proactive Defense For Serious Charges

Superior Court convictions result in more than fines and probation. A conviction on Superior Court offenses usually means jail or prison time and a felony record that will follow you through every aspect of your life. We have experience defending a wide range of charges, including:

After an arrest, there is no time to lose. It is important to secure representation immediately. This is especially true for first and second degree crimes in Superior Court. Mr. McGuire can intervene at or before the probable cause hearing, prior to formal charges being filed, to try to convince the prosecutor to reduce the charges or drop some charges.

We also believe in strong legal representation at pretrial detention hearings to get our clients released from custody. No one should have to languish in jail for weeks or months because they cannot afford bail. No one should be coerced into pleading guilty just to avoid sitting in jail until their trial date. The detention hearing usually occurs within 48 hours of arrest. After the fact it is very difficult to gain release.

Do Not Wait To Call Us For Help

The earlier we get involved, the more we can do to protect your rights and influence the outcome of serious criminal charges. Law Offices Of Michael P. McGuire LLC defends Superior Court cases in Monmouth County and throughout New Jersey.

Call right away at 732-704-7331 or contact us online, and we will respond as promptly as possible. Se habla español.