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Guidance For Parents Under DCP&P Investigation

Nothing in the world matters more to you than your children. So if the Division of Child Protection and Permanency Service (DCP&P) is investigating you or your partner, you probably feel terrified of what will happen to your kids.

Having an attorney on your side can make a world of difference in permanency investigations. At the Law Offices Of Michael P. McGuire LLC, our attorneys represent parents, grandparents, guardians and other people caught up in allegations of child abuse or neglect. Because we practice both family law and criminal law, we understand how best to serve you when these complex practice areas overlap to affect your child.

What Should I Do If I Am Under Investigation?

First, remain calm and polite. You have the right not to allow any law enforcement officers or officials from DCP&P into your home unless they have a court order. The most important thing to do in a child protection investigation is to seek counsel from a lawyer.

Do not make any statements until you have a family law attorney to represent you. Do not sign any documents until your attorney is present. Many DCP&P cases conclude within merely 60 days, so it is of utmost importance that you seek a lawyer as soon as you possibly can.

Why Place Your Trust In Us?

We understand that this is likely one of the most overwhelming times of your life. Our team is committed to protecting your rights assertively. We have the experience to guide you through the bureaucracy and protect you and your children’s best interests.

Founding attorney Michael McGuire formerly served as a New York City Police Officer, where he handled many domestic abuse and child abuse cases from the other side. He understands what the state looks for when investigating allegations and how to recognize signs of imminent danger to a child.

Get Legal Help From Our Team Immediately

You do not have to face this ordeal alone. You deserve to have the Law Offices Of Michael P. McGuire LLC advocate for you. To schedule a consultation with a lawyer who can help you, call us in Freehold at 732-704-7331 or send us an email.